Shazam to Add Beatport Library to Database

Ever tried to “Shazam” a track only to find no match? Shazam and Beatport have reached a deal that will allow Beatport’s library to connect to Shazam’s music database. Beatport is often an exclusive holder to the rights of songs released, which is one of the reasons why Shazam has been unable to provide song information for many electronic music tracks. By giving Shazam access to Beatport’s library hundreds of thousands of more electronic music tracks will be at fan fingertips for iding and then later purchasing or sharing.

Direct access to song information can be a great way for artists to promote their own tracks and gather new fans. It is also a great way to send fans over to Beatport to check out what’s new on the music market. Music listeners who are out somewhere unexpected may have a better chance of learning about a song they wouldn’t have without Beatport’s partnership, which is great for our industry in general. Fans can also more easily share tracks they learn about when they know the song names, thus newcomers and old-timers may be able to educate themselves about what type of electronic music they like the best. Sounds like a win-win situation! PSA: Although you may be able to ID more tracks to listen to and purchase later, don’t forget to enjoy the show!

Check out an interview with Beatport’s CEO Matthew Adell about the Beatport/Shazam deal on now. (Click Here)